The "WAR Stories" below were selected because they detail an aging issue experienced by a general aviation pilot or mechanic.

Take a closer look: Airworthiness And Ageing AircraftA guide from the Australian Government - Civil Aviation Safety Authority (2011). There's been little discernable change in the low rate of new aircraft acquisitions over the last three decades, so ageing aircraft are here to stay. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has found the average fixed-wing aircraft (single or multi-engined under 5700kg) is approaching 40 years old.
(all models)
Cessna 172, 177, 182, 206, 210: 100-Series Aircraft Safety Education InitiativeCessna Aircraft Company is building on a safety initiative started in 2011 designed to educate single engine owner/operators on new inspection procedures. The latest effort is aimed at 100 series single-engine piston aircraft owners around the world, and informs them about new supplemental aircraft inspection procedures that will be added to service manuals.
Cessna 172, 180, and 185
Cessna 177 Cardinal
Cessna 182
Cessna 206, 207, 210
Beechcraft Bonanza V35A: rudder control tube (December 2011)Beechcraft: V35A; Cut Rudder Control Tube; ATA 2720 A general aviation submitter says, "During the performance of an Annual Inspection, an IA (inspection authorization) found the right ruddervator trim control cable was routed incorrectly and had cut through the right ruddervator control tube (approximately 75%).
Beechcraft 33, 35 & 36 Bonanza
Piper 28 180 Cherokee: fuel selector (Jan 2012)The problem showed up when the left tank overflow valve was plugged by wasps (The plane sat in grass for 2 days at small airport) At the same time, a fleck of paint blocked the airhole in the fuel cap (the bottom of the fuel cap had been painted many years before) After using an hour's worth of fuel from left tank, the valve was switched to the right tank.
Piper PA-28 Cherokee, Dakota, Archer
CE-11-57: Powerplant, Engine Mount SectionThe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) received a report of a fatigue crack in a Model AT-402 airplane engine mount tube at the left hand firewall attach location. The crack started in the tip of the weld where the tubes intersect at the attach bolt lug location (see photo below). This crack area is separate from the engine mount area required to be inspected.
AT-400 Series
Too Old to Fly? Relieveing the Aches & Pains of Aging GA AircraftBlinking warning lights, leaking fluids, and creaky latches are all helpful indicators of an airplane problem. Often, though, discovering an unsafe condition, particularly with an aircraft over the 40-year mark, requires a much closer look. Being adept at these measures...can still help you give your airplane a longer and safer life.
NIAR Aging Aircraft Teardown Evaluations - SummaryTo determine if potential continuing airworthiness problems exist for the small airplane fleet as a function of the aging process, the Federal Aviation Administration established a two-phase research program to conduct a destructive evaluation of four aged airplanes (two Cessna 402s, a Piper Navajo Chieftain, and a Beechcraft 1900D) used in commuter service.
Beachcraft 1900
Cessna 402 Businessliner
Piper PA-31 Navajo and/or Chieftain
CE-11-21: Flight Controls: Trailing Edge Flaps; Flap Nose Rib CrackingIn 2007, a pilot reported a split flap condition during flap extension and landed safely without incident. An inspection found the right-hand flap rod attach bracket broken and the flap nose rib nut plate flange torn. Further inspection of the flap revealed cracking in the P/N 35-165050-84 nose rib. Inspection of the left-hand side flap found similar damage.
Beechcraft 33, 35 & 36 Bonanza
Beechcraft 55, 56 & 58 Baron
Beechcraft 60 Duke
General Aviation Demographics DatabaseGeneral Aviation Demographics Database - The information included in this new feature was collected for future risk assessment of the general aviation fleet. This new database contains pertinent demographic data aimed to aid airplane owners. The research projects was directed by the FAA Aging Aircraft Safety Program.
WAR Story - Boeing A75N1 - Washer thickness on engine mountJune 29th 2007 - A Boeing Stearman set out on a perfect day for air show practice. Everything seemed to be alright before takeoff. Soon after takeoff, witnesses reported hearing a loud bang, and then saw a large piece of the plane fall to the ground. The engine had separated from the plane. Soon after, the plane dove to the ground and crashed at a 90 degree angle.
Boeing Stearman 75
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